Our Focus

 We have several areas of focus that target growth and maturity for the whole child: spirt, mind & body. 
  • Spiritual   

    Our prayer is that through spiritual education and a rich atmosphere of faith, students would grow to perceive and value Christ as the center of all learning.  Our instructors integrate Scriptural principles into every aspect of life and teaching. One of the primary venues in which we emphasize spiritual growth is through the chapel assemblies held intermittently throughout the week. These chapels are for all grade levels and are led by teachers, staff members and guest speakers. Chapel times include prayer, worship and teaching of the Word of God in an age-appropriate manner. 

  • Intellectual  

    We truly endeavor to provide an effective academic climate for learning and encourage the development of skills required for meaningful participation in society.  City Christian nurtures excellence in communication skills, research skills, and mature decision-making.  We endorse a godly, character-based approach to education. 

  • Social 
    At City Chrisitan, we strive to provide students with opportunities for growth in social skills and the application of Christian principles required for healthy relationships within society.  Daily interaction with teachers, staff and fellow students is consistently nurtured in godly and age-appropriate ways.  All students also participate in quarterly field trips and a variety of group projects that foster social skills and effective communication among authority figures as well as peers.
  • Cultural

    We aim to promote appreciation and respect for, as well as a deeper understanding of, the vast cultural diversity represented among students and staff. Many different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds are represented among the students and staff of City Christian. We cherish the rich cultural diversity of our student body. Through a wide variety of music, art and drama programs and cultural instruction, City Christian endeavors to encourage further insight and appreciation for the various aspects of culture such as: language, art, dress, history, social customs, etc. 

  • Physical

    City Christian is committed to facilitating an atmosphere of health in spirit, mind and body. We provide many opportunities for learning and improvement of skills necessary for healthy living.  Through our physical education program, students will take part in age-specific motor skills training. Additionally, older students are offered sports clinics and various physical training exercises weekly. We also seek to promote healthy living through a balanced, nutritional hot lunch program.

  • Patriotism

    It is our genuine desire to help students adequately understand and appreciate the privileges and responsibilities of living in a republic.  Through respectful and informed teaching, as well as our 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C., we hope to increase insight and understanding regarding the history and current events in our nation. We aim to instill in students a sense of gratitude for the freedoms initiated by the foundational belief that all men are created equal, and to encourage loyalty to the fundamental purposes and guiding principles that the Constitution of the United States is meant to serve.